Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Potentially back to painting soon

Well it's clear now that pollcode.com is shit.

I know at least two people voted on out yet it's not showing their votes YAY!

Thankfully they told me what they voted. One had voted grey knights the other had voted flesh eater courts.

So that in mind tonight I'm going to be picking up some supplies from warhammer and then I'm going to start making preparations to paint my Aurora chapter.

Now hear me out it's not that the vote didn't mean anything it's just I don't know if anyone else voted on out and the votes I got were a tie I decided to make the decision myself. This was partial based on one of the staff members at the datasheet store saying to me "I'm going tip have a chapter painted before you are" he only started his chapter in the last few years. I've had mine since *checks apocalypse release date* wow was it really 2007........ God I'm shit. So seeing that as a challenge I have vowed (too myself and now you, he doesn't need to know about this view yet) that I will get this done now before him. This is going to be a real challenge as I want to rebase my models on the larger bases now too.

Also a challenge because at the moment the computer systems at work ate down which means that the room I'd usually use to paint it's full of paperwork with us trying to keep up do there's no real room for me to paint until at least next week (at least being the key point) but watch this space and I'll let you know how it's going on and when I start

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