Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Roleplay dwarf and the cursed class

Hey dudes and dudettes, how you doing?

So while I'm taking my short break from painting I though that I'd make a post about Roleplay.

As the title says it's about a D&D class that's cursed for me. Now I don't just mean a class where bad things happen to that character (that's wizards for me) but all will become clear over the course of this post.

My favourite class in D&D is the Paladin. I like everything about it, the lore, the abilities, the code of conduct, everything. I like the idea of the role-playing Challenge of someone with a strict moral code like that but trying not to be a dick with it like soon people are (Paladins don't have to be played like strict nannies)

However i have never got to play one. The first time I decided to roll a Paladin the gaming group I was post of broke apart. I've spent a long tinge playing in two evil campaigns. My friend (stygianheart go check out his blog) was running a pathfinder game I'd rolled a Paladin for but never manage to make it to for one reason or another and now the gaming group I'm part of is running D&D 5th edition ahead of schedule that I'd rolled a Paladin for that I was really looking forward to playing but due to new baby I've not been able to get down to play.

So do any of you have a cursed class or set of situations like that

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

The Roleplay dwarf


  1. I havent been able to properly play a vampire in modern (80's onwards) nights...
    back when i started I got to play in one game as a gangrel rocker.
    but never since... not exactly 'class' but I have come close to finally playing a malkavian a few times... but for various reasons it just never came to be.

    1. For some reason those two got crossed over in mind and it ended up as malkavian rocker..... I was like Robert Smith?

  2. Vampire the Masquerade... In General... Not a class just like Jess said.

    I've never been able to play. Every time I made a character the game either folded, changed to a different game or in one instance I ended up the GM instead.

  3. Ended up gm instead. One of Pete's per chance? I love Vern and would love to have a go at running it but I have no idea what I'd do with it and an worried I'd ruin it wrong if you get my drift. I don't mean by not knowing the rules enough hells knows we have enough rule lawyers to pull me up on that but I worry I'd get the mood/theme/motifs wrong