Monday, 12 September 2016

Varghulf almost completette


Don't know where that came from but yeah..... good film.

Anyway as you may be able to tell from the lack of post. I didn't get an opportunity to paint this weekend. My son just wouldn't settle long enough for me to paint on Saturday and I was at one of my friends kids parties on Sunday so the progress is only from today (and it's looking increasingly like I'm not going to be finished for Saturday. I'm enjoying painting during my breaks, not really enjoying painting to a deadline)

Anywa today I applied screaming skull as a highlight to the bone areas on the Varghulf, then white scar to the tips of the bones. I then painted the flesh areas (except the wing membranes) with pallid witch flesh with a touch of administratum grey I then did the wing membranes pallid witch flesh with a touch of gehenna's gold (trust me here). I then highlighted the most raised flesh areas with pallid witchflesh and edge highlighted the wing membranes pallid witch flesh also. I painted the areas that are going to have the exposed muscle effect ceramite white. Finally I applied washes. I'm still applying my 3:1 lahmia media (which I accidentally spilled a bunch of today, devastated) and agrax earthshade on the terrogheist wings as well as on the Varghulf's claws and then a 8:1 lahmia media to druchii violet over the flesh of the Varghulf (including the wing membranes)

So hopefully tomorrow I'll have the varghulf finished and be able to work on some of my crypt horrors.

So untill then.

Roleplay dwarf out!!

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