Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Varghulf and terrorgheist complete

Oh hi I didn't see you there. That's technically true.....

So with my terrorgheist when I took it in to earthshade the staff pointed out to me that the wings looked a little flat because I'd used a different technique to the rest of the model. They weren't wrong. So I've been adding a 3:1 lahmia media to agrax earthshade wash to the wings starting a little further down each time and adding muon oil to that mix a little at a time once I'd got about halfway down the wing. I then applied a harsher highlight as rakarth flesh to the highest bits of the wings and adding a little deathclaw brown each time and working towards the centre.

A quick picture of finished effect:

I also FINALLY  fogged out how to get the blood splatter by blowing sharply over a brush loaded with blood for the blood God:

Back to the varghulf. I applied 2 (I'd like to apply more but I'm short on time) 3:1 washed of lahmia media to seraphim sepia to the wings of the varghulf. I then applied a light drybrush of deathclaw brown to the most raised areas of the fur and applied a nuln oil wash to the fur. I painted the eyes with averland sunset then highlighted with yriel yellow and a final highlight of flash gitz yellow before applying the line of abbadon black. On the exposed muscle I did my serial 3:1 lahmia media carrouburg crimson with a 2:1 lahmia media druchii violet at the edges. Final wash was the 3:3:1 lahmia media, carroburg crimson, agrax earthshade where I was going to be applying blood for the blood God. I then applied blood for the blood God and painted the based (for base see previous blog as I have only 9% battery left.

Today's blog was bought to you despite my baby demanding 3 feeds, 3 nappy changes and exploding vomit all over me. If this was sesame street today's episode would have been bought to by the number 3 and the colour vomit.

Hopefully we'll have more look tomorrow

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