Thursday, 15 September 2016

Happy little accidents


So today I messed up a bit but more on that later.

Today I started by painting the pallid witch flesh with the touch of administrarum grey onto my last crypt horror from squad brown pubes. I then highlighted the sharpest edges, the t zone of the faces and any scars with pallid witch flesh. I then mixed my 8:1 lahmia media to druchii violet and applied it to the models. Now either I added too much druchii violet to the mix (more seemed to come off my brush than usual but I put that down to using a larger brush and since I was using the same brush for there media the ratio would still end up right..... right?), I applied the wash too thickly (see previous bigger brush comment), crypt horrors have larger flat areas that I put the wash over or all of the above. Whatever the reason my wash strained the models more than I'd have liked it to if you remember my initial specification of being clear that once these were human before dire circumstances dice then to vandalism and all that followed, but these were now distinctly too....... purple. 

I feel it's moments like this that mark me out as a novice painter rather than a skilled painter. Firstly a skilled painted probably wouldn't have made that mistake to begin with, if they had they'd be able to diagnose exactly what caused it and apply a quick fix. Unfortunately the only fix that was occurring to me was to take it back to rakarth flesh and try again but I don't have time for that so over to Bob Ross:

Thanks Bob.

So the idea now is to try and make it look like that colour was my intention from the start. So I continued.

Having previously washed the bones with agrax earthshade I went back over then with ushabti bone avoiding the recesses. I then applied some ungor flesh to the pustules on the models and applied a carroburg crimson wash over them. While I was on a carroburg crimson wash I decided to do the areas where the bone was penetrating the skin. Bit I'd heard two different schools of thought on this. one was the red the other suggested druchii purple looked more realistic for a bruising effect. So I decided:
I'd do the red where the bone had gone through to give the look of a histamine response with the purple around the edges of the red to also give it a bruised look but rusty I only got add far as the red.

Hopefully I'll get these finished tomorrow and find a but if time tomorrow evening to get done what hasn't been done yet

So until next time
The Roleplay dwarf

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  1. After seeing them in person I think that it looked great.
    A bit of variety in skin tones is good across an army.