Sunday, 18 September 2016

Warhammer Leeds birthday bash

So this it's what the last 3 weeks of painting has been all for I headed into my local store.

They had cake

And party food and some author or another was there (David Guymar...... I'm sure he's never heard of me either). But I want there for any of that I was there for the warband competition and the painting competition.

So they lined up my first opponent for me to eat. A slaves to darkness army. We're using most of the path to glory rules but the battles are pitched battle games.

For my general I chose the tomb blade and the red fury command trait for all my battles.

So first game, points of power.

My set up

Slaves set up:

He conceded at the start of turn his 4 having lost most his forces and me having a 12vp to 3vp lead

My next battle was against stormcast eternals using the escalation pitched battle. It was clear from turn 1 I was going to lose but I don't concede and he wiped me out in turn 3 having killed only 2 retributors 

I first to take a picture during set up so here's the stormcasts final positions

My final opponent was an aelf player I especially liked that he was using a Dread Maw with an elf on it as an archmage on a Dragon that was cool. 

We rolled and got the points of power mission again and 3 turns later he was wiped out.

So the final tallies from the games (only 4 of us turned up with warbands) were.

Stormcast eternals 3 wins 0 losses
Flesh eater courts 2 wins 1 loss
Slaves to darkness 1 win 2 losses
Aelfs 0 wins 3 losses

So the stormcast player win the best general certificate.

As the only player with his warband fully painted the slaves to darkness player won the warband painting competition with me coming second

The slaves to darkness player also Won best converted being the only one who had done any conversion work.

Finally I won the best themed warband

So there we have it all in all I'm proud in both how my warband performed and looked even though I'm disappointed that I didn't get them finished. But if you're in Leeds in the next two weeks and in warhammer go have a look at the display case and see my warband.

Going to be taking a short break from painting but when I come back to it is there any of my particular armies people would like to see me handle next?

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  1. The Slaves to Darkness game was pretty good to watch.
    Even if it seemed you were dominating them somewhat. At least it was against a nice player.

    1. Yeah I always feel bad when I'm winning a game by that much when I really felt sorry for him later when he was playing the stormcast player. He removed his models in what seemed disgust after turn 2 or 3 because in his words "there's no point continuing this exercise in futility"