Friday, 9 September 2016

Today's progress. Varghulf courtier and terrorgheist

Good evening everyone, or whatever part of the day it it's where and when you're reading this.

I know yesterday (this morning but I started the post yesterday.) I kept saying with the terrorgheist that I was done for now but if I get time I'll do other stuff to it. Well I arrived at work early today so I applied the blood for the blood God to the areas I said I would

In between painting layers on the varghulf courtier I applied several coats of 3:1 lahmia medium to agrax earthshade to the wings working from the bottom of the wing to the top finishing a little further from the top each time, this is far from finished and still take many more layers.

So to the varghulf. The varghulf is based a similar way as the terrorgheist (resin decals stuck to the base, layer stirland mud with agrellan earth on selected parts) the whole model was then affiliated Corax white.

I base coated the skin and bone sections of the model with rakarth flesh and the fur with mornfang brown. I then shaded the flesh with a 3:1 lahmia media reikland flesh mix and shaded the fur with agrax earthshade. 

The fur was then dry brushed skrag brown. The sections mentioned so far were done before today as I was originally going to batch paint my warband but then I decided my abhorrent ghoul king on the terrorgheist deserved better than that. So the following short section is what I got fine today. keep in mind what I was doing to the terrorgheist today too)

I layered ushabti bone onto the bone sections of the model and then shaded them with agrax earthshade. I then went over the bone sections with ushabti bone again avoiding the recesses.......... and that's it........ No seriously I told you I was a slow painter

Hopefully I will be able to find more time this weekend to get more done. If I do you'll get my end of day update. If not I'll see you Monday.

Thanks for sticking with my slow ass

The Roleplay dwarf

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