Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Crypt horrors


So with my deadline rapidly closing and still having 7 models left to paint I made a decision. I was going to batch paint my units of crypt horrors. The first one I was going to do to the same standard that I've done everything else the second one I'm going to do 3 colours basic just to have some colour on it when it takes to the field and if I have time I'll do SOMETHING with the Crypt infernal courtier.

With that in mind I give you the start of my first unit of crypt horrors.

So for the crypt horrors I decided that they were going to be organised into squads by the colours of their uniform.

"BUT ROLEPLAY DWARF!" I hear you cry "They don't wear uniforms!!" ah my poor naive reader, not to your eyes the don't but to their deluded minds they do.... and what on this model is going to show uniformity between them and their bretheren with the same uniform colour........ That's right, their massively long pubes!

So my first unit: team brown pubes.

with some of these I strayed a little bit from the instructions to give the models some variation. When doing this some of the bits didn't quite fit and had to be forced but all in all I've been left with some variation.

So I based the models as previously described but without the resin decals this time, sprayed the model corax white and then applied a base coat of rakarth flesh to the whole model. I then did a 3:1 was of lahmia media to reikland flesh shade over the skin parts of the model.

so for the hair (pubes) I painted them mounfang brown. washed them agrax eathsade and highlighted them skrag brown.

I thought these models wouldn't take as long because there was less bone details on them than the terrorgheist and varghulf and it's been the bones that have been taking me the longest but oh my god the amount of bone details on these models!!!!!

I painted ushabti bone on them and washed them agrax eathsahde and while that was drying I move on to painting the flesh. I applied a palid witchflesh with a touch of administratum grey in to the models (one of them has turned out much brighter that the other but a variance in skin tone is fine) and I didn't have time to do the third one so here is where we are:

Hopefully I will get then finished tomorrow.

Until then

The Roleplay dwarf

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