Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tactical squad 1

My first tactical squad it's almost completely painted from the last time I was painting my space marines they just need a touch up a new sergeant (I've decided to come away from my old power fist sergeants and go for combi-bolter sergeants and use sternguard models for them). And finish and repair a rhino (I regret building the storm bolters like I did on them) so for now I will just be showing my sergeants progress.

Yesterday's progress

Until later

The Roleplay dwarf

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Command squad and captain finished

Sorry it's been so long since my last post i was too tired to post on Thursday and have been on annual leave since then and hurt my back during my leave so blogging has been pretty low down on my list of priorities.

I finished my command squad and captain on Thursday though the new command squad look a little plain next to my new captain I may have to kit bash myself a new command squad at a later date and fashion my captain an iron halo but for now my results:

Unfortunately my back is still in so much pain I decided not to bring my stuff with me to work to paint today but hopefully I'll be back to it Monday.

Until then

The Roleplay dwarf

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Captain pretty much done

Hi everybody.

one of the most glorious and useful things I've sound since doing this blog is when I take a picture of the model/models I'm going to be posting it really makes it clear to me if there's a part I missed (like the tassel on his arm in yesterdays picture) or if there's parts that just need neatening up as I have noticed with some of the areas around where I've done the gold on my captain.

So today I started with painting the bases and storm bolter in leadbelcher. I then washed them wih nuln oil. as the nuln oil was drying I applied a gehenna's gold highlight to the gold areas followed by a fine auric armour gold highlight on the most prominent edges. I then drybrushed the bases leadbelcher and painted the bolter leadbelcher avoiding the receses. I then applied a iron breaker highlight to the bolter and fine rybrush to the bases before painting the dirt areas of the bases rhinox hide, dry brushing mournfang brown and then applying a agrax earthshade wash. I still have ome work to do on the gemstones (they need a dot of white and a 'ardcoat but my old 'ardcoat has dried up and I can't afford to get more right now) and there's some areas I need to neaten up/apply more wash to but here's my mostly finished captain:

Hopefully I'll get his command squad re-based and touched up tomorrow

Until then the Roleplay dwarf

Edge highlighting and metallics

Continuing with the captain I started out by highlighting the tabbard, shoulder trim and the back of the joints eshin grey as well as drybrushing his crest eshin grey. I then picked out the highest parts of these areas in dawnstone.

Correction on yesterday it wasn't khorne red I'd layered the red areas it was wazdaka red. The problem is I'm using a combination of old paints and buying new ones once they run out but giving the new names because you can't get the old ones any more so sometimes I will make a mistake. Anyhooz I highlighted all the red areas evil sunz scarlet, using the edge highlighting technique on the bolter case and purity seal wax and used the gemstone technique on the lenses and gems. I'm not using the new gemstone paints because 1) I enjoy doing the gemstone technique 2) I can't outfitted to get them right now but I will be getting them for a different project, stay tuned.

 I then began the thing that always takes me the longest on a space marine model edge highlighting the armour moot green. At this point I also painted a black chevron on his knee pad. I read somewhere that the Aurora chapter don't show their company designation by their shoulder trim they show it by a coloured chevron on one of their kneepads and since the company colour for the 5th company is black that's why I did this. This been done I did done other detail work I'd missed painting the skull on his backpack rakarth flesh followed by ushabti bone washed with agrax earthshade, ushabti bone highlight then a fine screaming skull highlight. While I was doing that I applied a skrag brown highlight to the scrolls and then a thinned down later of ushabti bone over them. I then layered balor brown on the scabbard and Holt of his sword and highlighted them zemesi desert. Finally before I moved onto the metallics I painted the laurels on his backpack caliban green and highlighted then warpstone glow. I painted all the areas that were going to be gold hashut copper and then washed them with agrax earthshade and again that's all I had time for. Hoping to get him finished today. Sorry I didn't post this last night I started writing it but I was so tired I couldn't finish it.

Until next time. The Roleplay dwarf

Monday, 3 October 2016

Captain Ingressus

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey I say HEY what's going on!?

So what's been going on is I was ill the end of last week so didn't manage to get back to painting but took my stuff in today on the off chance that the system was working again and I'd have room to paint. It was and I did YAAAAAAAY!!

First a bit of background: As I said in a previous post I got my space marines when the battle company box set was released to coincide with the release of Apocalype in 2007. The store had a massive game going on a couple of days after it's release so I had to get the models built ASAP, so I enlisted the help of one of my friends who now works for games workshop. On the up side we got them built in time, on the downside he built my captain like this:

He has "affectionately" become known as "Captain Gangster". I hated it from the moment I saw it I've also never thought the captain model looked ostentatious enough to be a captain. Hence when I bought the strenguard box set to make my squad sergeants stand out more I took  the opportunity to make a new captain from the kit.

I had already stuck the captain to a  25mm base and will be leaving him on that while I paint him so it won't matter if I get any paint on the base I will then be removing him and placing him on one of the new larger sector imperialis bases.

So I sprayed him chaos black and then painted castellan green over all his armour plates. I did his lenses, gems, storm bolter case and purity seal wax mephiston red and I painted the scroll on his leg, his scabbard and hilt mournfang brown. I then washed all the armour with nuln oil the red bits with carroburg crimson and the the brown bits with agrax earthsade and left to dry. I applied a laer of warpstone glow over the armour trying to be careful not to get it in the recesses Ithen painted all the red areas Khorne red being careful to avoid the recesses which is all I had time for today (see previous comments about being a slow painter)

Now that it's starting to get darker in the room where I paint the lighting isn't great for taking pictures so we either end up wtth something that looks like this:

Which to me looks alot darker than the model actually appears.

Or like this:

Which I think looks too bright.

So which one looks better in you opinions  without flash or with the flash.

until next time

The Roleplay Dwarf

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Potentially back to painting soon

Well it's clear now that pollcode.com is shit.

I know at least two people voted on out yet it's not showing their votes YAY!

Thankfully they told me what they voted. One had voted grey knights the other had voted flesh eater courts.

So that in mind tonight I'm going to be picking up some supplies from warhammer and then I'm going to start making preparations to paint my Aurora chapter.

Now hear me out it's not that the vote didn't mean anything it's just I don't know if anyone else voted on out and the votes I got were a tie I decided to make the decision myself. This was partial based on one of the staff members at the datasheet store saying to me "I'm going tip have a chapter painted before you are" he only started his chapter in the last few years. I've had mine since *checks apocalypse release date* wow was it really 2007........ God I'm shit. So seeing that as a challenge I have vowed (too myself and now you, he doesn't need to know about this view yet) that I will get this done now before him. This is going to be a real challenge as I want to rebase my models on the larger bases now too.

Also a challenge because at the moment the computer systems at work ate down which means that the room I'd usually use to paint it's full of paperwork with us trying to keep up do there's no real room for me to paint until at least next week (at least being the key point) but watch this space and I'll let you know how it's going on and when I start

The Roleplay dwarf

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Roleplay dwarf and the cursed class

Hey dudes and dudettes, how you doing?

So while I'm taking my short break from painting I though that I'd make a post about Roleplay.

As the title says it's about a D&D class that's cursed for me. Now I don't just mean a class where bad things happen to that character (that's wizards for me) but all will become clear over the course of this post.

My favourite class in D&D is the Paladin. I like everything about it, the lore, the abilities, the code of conduct, everything. I like the idea of the role-playing Challenge of someone with a strict moral code like that but trying not to be a dick with it like soon people are (Paladins don't have to be played like strict nannies)

However i have never got to play one. The first time I decided to roll a Paladin the gaming group I was post of broke apart. I've spent a long tinge playing in two evil campaigns. My friend (stygianheart go check out his blog) was running a pathfinder game I'd rolled a Paladin for but never manage to make it to for one reason or another and now the gaming group I'm part of is running D&D 5th edition ahead of schedule that I'd rolled a Paladin for that I was really looking forward to playing but due to new baby I've not been able to get down to play.

So do any of you have a cursed class or set of situations like that

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

The Roleplay dwarf