Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Captain pretty much done

Hi everybody.

one of the most glorious and useful things I've sound since doing this blog is when I take a picture of the model/models I'm going to be posting it really makes it clear to me if there's a part I missed (like the tassel on his arm in yesterdays picture) or if there's parts that just need neatening up as I have noticed with some of the areas around where I've done the gold on my captain.

So today I started with painting the bases and storm bolter in leadbelcher. I then washed them wih nuln oil. as the nuln oil was drying I applied a gehenna's gold highlight to the gold areas followed by a fine auric armour gold highlight on the most prominent edges. I then drybrushed the bases leadbelcher and painted the bolter leadbelcher avoiding the receses. I then applied a iron breaker highlight to the bolter and fine rybrush to the bases before painting the dirt areas of the bases rhinox hide, dry brushing mournfang brown and then applying a agrax earthshade wash. I still have ome work to do on the gemstones (they need a dot of white and a 'ardcoat but my old 'ardcoat has dried up and I can't afford to get more right now) and there's some areas I need to neaten up/apply more wash to but here's my mostly finished captain:

Hopefully I'll get his command squad re-based and touched up tomorrow

Until then the Roleplay dwarf

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