Monday, 3 October 2016

Captain Ingressus

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey I say HEY what's going on!?

So what's been going on is I was ill the end of last week so didn't manage to get back to painting but took my stuff in today on the off chance that the system was working again and I'd have room to paint. It was and I did YAAAAAAAY!!

First a bit of background: As I said in a previous post I got my space marines when the battle company box set was released to coincide with the release of Apocalype in 2007. The store had a massive game going on a couple of days after it's release so I had to get the models built ASAP, so I enlisted the help of one of my friends who now works for games workshop. On the up side we got them built in time, on the downside he built my captain like this:

He has "affectionately" become known as "Captain Gangster". I hated it from the moment I saw it I've also never thought the captain model looked ostentatious enough to be a captain. Hence when I bought the strenguard box set to make my squad sergeants stand out more I took  the opportunity to make a new captain from the kit.

I had already stuck the captain to a  25mm base and will be leaving him on that while I paint him so it won't matter if I get any paint on the base I will then be removing him and placing him on one of the new larger sector imperialis bases.

So I sprayed him chaos black and then painted castellan green over all his armour plates. I did his lenses, gems, storm bolter case and purity seal wax mephiston red and I painted the scroll on his leg, his scabbard and hilt mournfang brown. I then washed all the armour with nuln oil the red bits with carroburg crimson and the the brown bits with agrax earthsade and left to dry. I applied a laer of warpstone glow over the armour trying to be careful not to get it in the recesses Ithen painted all the red areas Khorne red being careful to avoid the recesses which is all I had time for today (see previous comments about being a slow painter)

Now that it's starting to get darker in the room where I paint the lighting isn't great for taking pictures so we either end up wtth something that looks like this:

Which to me looks alot darker than the model actually appears.

Or like this:

Which I think looks too bright.

So which one looks better in you opinions  without flash or with the flash.

until next time

The Roleplay Dwarf

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