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Been too long, Back to painting

Hi everyone *looks at his number of followers.....1......* Yeah I'm still going with "Hi Everyone" for that opener.

So it's been over a year since my last post and since my 1 follower know me he knows why but to any future followers/ other people who may read this some explinations:

1) I'm lazy and had no ideas. (brutally honest)

2) I got a new job (Yay!!)

3) I got a baby! (found out about my wife being pregnant on the day I got offered the job so double yay!!!)

Anyway recently since I have no time to do painting at home I've been taking my models and paints to work with me and painting during my breaks. I have been sending almost daily pictures of my progress to a couple of my friends and have been enjoying doing it when suddenly I thought "Hey. there's a blog idea!!"

My local Warhammer store (it still feels odd not calling it Games Workshop) is having it's birthday on the 17th of September and is having competitions including an Age of Sigmar painting and a warband tournament (also a conversion competition but I'm still not confident with conversions).

Since I'd bought some Flesh Eater Courts models with the intention of starting Age of Sigmar this seemed like a good opportunity to generate a warband and get it built and painted to a deadline (a deadline that I think I'm going to miss to be honest but I've made a good go of it so far.)

My warband (I chose the abhorrent ghoul king on terrorgheist the rest were randomly rolled):

Abhorrent ghoul king on Terrorgheist

Varghulf courtier

Crypt infernal courtier

3 Crypt horrors

3 Crypt horrors

A fairly small warband I should have been able to get it done but I'm a fairly slow painter and it doesn't look like I am going to have it finished.

Some notes on the kind of theme I'm going for. I think the true horror of the flesh eater courts is that nearly everything in it (except the Terrorgheists and Zombie dragons) used to be human and has been twisted by the circumstances they have found themselves in, the horror to me is that these twisted creatures could be any of us if we were driven to these desperate situations and I hope the paint scheme I chose helps to covey that.

As the center piece model I knew the Abhorrent ghoul king on Terrorgheist would take the longest so I started there.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the very early stages of my work. the model was built as per the instructions and I stuck some of the older Warhammer resin decals on the base put down some Stirland mud and once that had dried some agrellan earth on areas the base, then sprayed the model corax white.

I layered all the bone segments and the ghoul king with Rakarth flesh then I painted ushabti bone on all the bone segments. After looking at some pictures of vampire bats and using this chart for a side by side comparison I decided to start the wings, fleshy areas and the ghould kings loincloth with mournfang brown which i then shaded with agrax earthshade

Sorry that this one was blurry I was trying to hold the 
model take a picture and hold a wriggling baby all at 
the same time.... all considered it could have been worse.

Next I applied a agrax earthshade wash to the bone areas and went back over them with ushabti bone being careful to avoid the recesses next a highlight of screaming skull on the raised areas and then a touch of white scar to the tips of any bones. With the bones of the wings that extended past the skin I mixed a 3:1 mix of lahmia media and agrax earthsade and  applied that in many layers each time starting a little further up the wing and working towards the tip I did the same for the claws.

 while each layer of was was drying I applied a skrag brown edge highlight to the wings flesh and loincloth followed by a deathclaw brown to highlight to the tips of the wings, tips of the hairy bits on the side of the terrogheist and the bottom edge of the ghoul kings loincloth.

On top of the ghould kings rakarth flesh layer I applied a 2:1 mix of lahima media and reikland flesh shade. Once this had dried I added a touch of administratum grey to some pallid witch flesh and painted it ontothe ghoul king avoiding the recesses. I then allpied a final edge highlight of palid witch flesh to the t zone of the ghoul kins face and the more defined edges of his body.

Next I made a 8:1 mix of lahmia media to druchii violet and applied it to all of the flesh areas on the ghoul king focusing especially on the areas where the brighter colours met the recesses. the ghoul king has a few raised areas that look like spots, to them I dotted on some ungor flesh, then corroburg crimson (just a dot you want it to form a very small pool around the pustule) and then dotted ungor flesh on again.

Now I started working on the exposed muscles of the terrorgheist. Using a 3:1 mix of lahmia media and  carroburg crimson and applied it in many layers leaving the bits closet to bone whiter and applying more and more to the thicker areas of muscle, with the muscle around the ribs I left the parts that would be close to a rib with less shade than the recesses further from the ribs While each of these layers were drying I painted the underside of the tail, tongue and the organs inside the rib cage mephiston red and shaded it with carroburg crimson.

Since each of these washes took a while to dry. While they were drying I painted the rocks on the base abbadon black and highlighted them dawnstone (I'm not happy with the effect that gave if I have time before the competiton I'm going to go back in and cover most of the dawnstone areas with eshin grey leaving the dawnstone only on the most raised areas). I also painted and rimmed the base in mechanicus standard grey, washed the entire base in nuln oil (that was alot of wash) then dry brushed dawnstone over the base and then a further lighter drybrush of admistratum grey. 

 Back to the muscle, the muscle was looking a bit pink so to the thickest areas of muscle and deepest recesses of the muscle and the ribs too I added a 2:1 of lahmia media to druchii violet and did 2 or 3 layers of this. While those were drying I painted the scraps of cloth under the neck and the inside of the eye socket Macragge blue, washed them with drakenhoff nightshade (drawing a bit extra out into the socket to try and get a bit of object source lighting) and then highlighted with altdorf guard blue. I made a small mix of about 1;1 deathclaw brown to ushabti bone and highlighted the tip of the ghouls loincloth with it.

To the parts of the ghould king and muzzle and claws of the terrorgheist where I was going to be applying blood for the blood god to I made a 3:1:3 mix of carroburg crimson, agrax earthshade and lahmia media and applied it to the areas going a bit further than I intended to use the blood. I then added the blood for the blood god to the teeth, face, inside the mouth and down the tongue of the terrogheist as well as to it front claws (I then ran blood for the blood god down the rocks on which the front claws were placed and pooled it where it would) I also added it to the face of the ghoul king and to his hands (upto the wrist) and finally added it to the deepest recesses of the muscles and ribs and also around any recesses where flesh meets exposed muscle (if I have time before the competition I will be doing to same for where flesh meets exposed bone)

So for now I'm considering this model "done" I'm not 100% happy that it's complete and there's plenty I still want to do to it if I find the time (as well as the things mentioned above the wings look a little flat so I'd like to do a gradual shade on them and I'd also like to apply some blood for the blood god to the internal organs to give them a sheen) but I don't want to spend all my time n this one model and have nothing else from my warband completed before the competiton

So there we have it. My last 2 weeks progress. Tune in tonight to see what I achieve at work today.

Until next time

The Roleplay Dwarf

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