Thursday, 4 June 2015

Finally back to painting

  After a long break from painting, with all the usual excuses of "the lighting's not good enough" "I'm too tired if I do it now I'll mess it up" I'm finally back to it. My wife once said that I wasn't allowed to buy more models until everything I currently have is painted. With me having more unpainted than painted this presented a problem. Thankfully she didn't stick with it so there was no real motivation other than wanting them to look good).

  One of the main problems I have is that I just have so much that I get disheartened when I look at the sheer volume of stuff I have to paint. I got my first army off a friend who was selling his army (Grey knights about 10/11 years ago) which I painted, and have since stripped because when I look at the paint job I did back then I feel nothing but shame so have only 5 completed models.

 I then made the mistake of for my second army buying a battle company, now buying the battle company in itself wasn't a mistake, it was with the release of 5th edition Apocalypse and the savings I made was fantastic, but 106 marines, 8 rhino's and a razorback. The sheer volume I had to paint was daunting and this was only my second army.

  At first I wanted to do the army as Imperial fists as they have always been my favourite loyalists and since the foundation paints had just come out I thought I'd give them a  go. After getting my first rhino to the colour I wanted I decided that id was to do that with a whole chapter of marines I'd probably end up topping myself so I resprayed them black. Next I went for a lich purple (xereus purple) with a Dark angels green (Caliban green) trim. But after years and years of complaints about how this colour scheme looked it was time for another re-paint. My decision this time was that I was going to go with an established chapter (so if someone complained about the colour scheme I could tell them that this was a cannon chapter) in a colour that wouldn't be too hard to paint (so I didn't have the Imperial fists all over again) but wasn't the colour of any armies that I was already painting (so that I wouldn't get bored). I decided on green and after looking through a whole bunch of space marine chapers and reading about their chapter tactics I decided on the Aurora chapter as I already had lots of space marine tanks. So here is what I have complete so far of them.

My first of my linebreaker squadron, the vindicator with it's command vehicle upgrade used on it.

And my command squad with it's razorback.

I tried OSL with the captain from his Iron halo I was proud of the effect at the time but now I think I could do better

I have nothing else that I'd considered painted. I am currently working on my Grey Knights and now I have managed to put off painting even more with this blog :-P

I'm having potentially a few battles with my grey knight against some friends this weekend (one of  whom claims to have made a pure filth ork list) So stay tuned to see how that turns our

Catch you Later

The roleplay dwarf


  1. I do really like seeing your Aurora marines, just because they aren't a chapter I've seen done often.

    I'm doing pretty badly at painting too. I just don't know how I'm going to make it through all the stuff I've got... My fault for collecting horde armies though.

    Also it is filth... But that's what you get for playing Grey Knights.

    1. I'm pretty sure you still thought i was taking my aurora chapter when you made that list

    2. Wait..... I can't post a picture response...... How am I supposed to use my extensive file of meme's!!!!

    3. Are you going to do a post about your updated Grey Knights?

    4. Yeah I bought some gehenna's gold the other day so I could finish them off so I just need to paint that on, highlight it, wash it and base them and then they'll be ready for a post