Monday, 6 April 2015

D&D 3.5 Evil Campaign

Been a while since I've posted on here and my wife is talking about starting a crafting blog and with her talking about it it's reminded me that I should probably do this more.

Completely forgot to update my armies progress (and my empire army actually got some wins in that time) but since I can't remember exactly how many wins and losses I've had so not including them. I promise I'll keep it updated from now on and with a battle report after every one.

Anyway tonight I'm off to play in an evil D&D 3.5 evil Faerรปn campaign. We've been playing this campaign for about a year now and the party consists of:

Sylus: Human fighter/weapon master
Skareye: Goliath cleric/divine champion
Elninio: Goblin ranger

and then my characters............

Oh my gods. Not sure if I've mentioned it on here before but in roleplay I have a similar reputation as I do in wargames. I'm a bit of a red shirt and have a high turn over of characters.

When the campaign started I was a Tiefling wizard specialising in conjuration (dropped evocation and transmutation). I wanted to play a wizard who was a little different and by dropping those two schools it would force me to play it differently to what I was used to with wizards as I'd come to rely on those schools...... He was useless, in combat situations he was alright, in any situation you'd want a wizard out of combat (knock spells and other such utility spells) he was useless. he was also quite serious and severe, Elninio ordered him a male hooker to his room at about 3am and my character saw that as an act of war (he thought he goblin was trying to kill him by ensuring he wouldn't get the required rest needed to be able to prepare his spells. So i tried to poison him, but Elninio gave the coffee beans (he'd become obsessed with coffee after being introduced to it) in which I'd put the poison in to a city official. So I tried to be more direct and tried to sneak into his room to kill him but failed my sneak roll and he woke up and warned me not to try again. I left it for a while and then next time we were in combat I loosed a lot bolts at the people he was in combat with hoping the in combat miss chance would result in hitting him, that night he snuck into my room and killed me......

During my time as that character when we were robbing a temple of Waukeen I noticed that the party really needed a rogue, So I made a human rogue this guy was much better he failed to disable one trap but it was a particularly hard trap. The way this guy died started with a trip to Amn, on the way back we were on a halfling boat and spotted a ship in the distance not running any lights or colours. We' been warned "There aren't any pirates in these waters" *nudge nudge* Elninio not being a subtle being shouted at the top of his voice "OI ARE THOSE PIRATES!!!?" which meant the pirate ship knew we'd spotted them and recognized them for what they were, we decided to take the battle to them instead of waiting for them to raid us. The battle went well and we found a load of locked and trapped chests that we found the keys to so the traps auto deactivated. The trap was a black lotus imbued needle and my character was going down the assassin route so was a little obsessed with poison, so back in his room he tried to dismantle the box to release the trap for him, critical failure followed by two failed saves and he was dead.

During my time as that character I noticed that we needed some ranged support so I created a human ranger from the Shaar, I decided I wanted a character with some mobility so I could keep him out of combat so made him a mounted archer he and his horse were amazing for the 5 sessions he survived. he died last session raiding a caravan coming into the city when a wizard came out and lightning bolted him to death.

So I go tonight with a new character prepared another mounted warrior and a type of class I've always wanted to play (I decided I'd created too many characters for what the party needed and they all died so I created a character I always wanted to play) So I'm going with a cavalier. Lets see how long she survives.

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