Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Battle report tomorrow?

Ok so I'm playing 40k against one of my friends tomorrow. He wants to try out a proxy army again to see how it plays again (he played it before, just wants to give it another go to make sure it's right for him)

He likes bigger games (in fantasy he loves playing 6k) so we're having a 2000 point battle tomorrow (I have more than enough space marines for him to proxy his forces) His chaos against my Grey Knights.

I just had a couple of questions

1) Would you guys be interested in seeing the battle report?

2) should this count on my tally with it being a game for someone to get a feel for their potential army?

I apreciate all responses and if you want to see it I'll get back to you tomorrow.

Until then.

The Roleplay Dwarf.


  1. battle reports can be fun. do it!

    1. I didn't get a response so I didn't make any notes. Sorry

  2. You're not likely to get a response so fast on a blog. It's a bit more laid back than other social media.

    Your best bet is to take the initiative and do the things you want and post them up.

    "Here's a battle report I made!" rather than "Who wants a battle report?"

    You'll attract followers that are actually interested in the content that you want to present. And get replies to your more popular posts, which in turn can inform what posts you may want to make in future.

    'tis a grand experiment!