Monday, 22 September 2014

Blog Intro

Ok, One of my friends does one of these and seems to have allot of fun with it and I've also been told by lots of people in the past I should blog. So after our awesome 6k 40k game this weekend which the pictures still haven't been uploaded for I thought. "Hell I should just do one myself and take responsibility" and it's got to be less effort than the thinking of a subject, filming and editing of Youtube videos I used to do.

So here I am, the role-play dwarf. as the title says I mainly intend to talk about role-play and other hobby stuff I enjoy.

The Dwarf part is because they're my favourite fantasy race and are what I play in both Warhammer fantasy and in the current D&D campaign I'm in.

So there's the introduction but it is late now so any more in depth will have to wait and I should hopefully be back tommorrow with another post.

Until then,

The Roleplay Dwarf.

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