Sunday, 28 September 2014

Grey Knights vs Space wolves

Ok so today was the day of the battle so I headed down to Leeds battle bunker (a local gaming club) with my Grey knights

The List:

(Yes most of these models are unpainted/unfinished I hope during the lifetime of this blog you'll come on a journey with me as my armies get painted)
Grey knight Grand master              185
Nemesis force halberd                        2
Curiass of sacrifice                           15
Melta bombs                                       5

5 Paladins                                        275
Apothecary                                        20
The nemesis banner                           35
1 daemon hammer                             10
3 halberds                                            6

Dedicated transport (Elites)
Land raider crusader                          250
Multi-melta                                          10
extra armour                                        10

10 man strike squad                          210
2x incinerators                                    10
1 nemesis daemon hammer                10
1 nemesis warding stave                      5

10 man strike squad                          210
2x incinerators                                    10
1 nemesis daemon hammer                10
1 nemesis warding stave                      5

Heavy support
Nemesis dreadknight                       130
Personal Teleporter                           30
Heavy psycannon                              35
Nemesis greatsword                           10

Total: 1498

Bits I'm especially proud of/details I like on the ones I have painted/part painted

The crusader is covered in prayers taken from the infantryman's uplifting primer.

As well as the forge-world razorback multi melta turret (which I think looks awesome as well as being less flimsy than the multi melta attachment you get) I have the forge-world Land raider doors on my land raider

I'm also proud of the effect I've got on my (unfinished) Dreadknights greatsword. (I don't own an airbrush)

The Plan:

As I've said before I on't make tailored lists so this is my standard 1.5k list too and the reasons I take each thing.

So my list started how it always starts 2 strike squads with 2 incinerators in each. The theory being these deepstrike in from turn 1 onward and either claim an objective or burn someone off them. I give them both hammers so they can deal with heavy armour if need be and the warding staves as being the front line deepstrikers they're the most likely to come under psychic assault.

Secondly I took my Grand Master and gave him the curiass of sacrifice to give him the feel no pain and it will not die and a halberd as standard.

He then needed a unit to roll with. enter the paladins with an apothecary, a standard that makes them fearless and +1 attack, halberds for the most part for their +1 str and a hammer to deal with the meatiest monstrous creatures/ heavy vehicles.

A unit of Paladins with a grand master draws fire like no-ones business so I took a Land raider crusader as a dedicated transport to get them to the front line in relative safety. it's also the only unit in my army I consider "anti-air" (I don't own any stormravens) the theory being: You throw enough twin linked assault cannon fire into the air and eventually something'll stick.

Lastly I took the nemesis dreadknight, The area saturation of the heavy psycannon helps against hordes and the greatsword is the bane of low initiative monstrous creatures. The main reason I take this though is to draw fire. It's never going to be as killy as the grand master and his paladins but it draws fire so it keeps some of the fire off my land raider.

That left me with 37 points so I took the Personal teleporter for the dreadknight and melta bombs for my grand master.

The Battle:

Scenario: Malestrom of war: the spoils of war (only listing the objectives that secure objective unless they get secured)

Warlord trait: Lore master (after re-roll)

Grand masters psychic powers: Prescience, forboding, Misfortune, Scriers gaze.

Grey knights to go first:

These re the only pictures I took during the game. the lighting seemed too dim to get any decent results and I didn't want to slow the game

We used the Urban combat mega mat the following battle report is the closest approximation I can get to the terrain using battle chronicler but I'm going to have a play with it and see what I can do.


 R, R2, R3 = Rhino's
                                                                                     D = Dreadknight 
                                                                                                     LRC= Land raider crusader

For some reason the objectives don't stay marked (like I said going to have a play) but those are the objectives. As you can see from the pictures above that go with this the rhino's were in deep cover and my dreadknight was just in cover.

Turn 1

I draw my tactical objective cards. The only objective to be captured is 3 so I roll for my reserves and one of my strike squads turn up (The grey knight special force org allows you to roll for reserves from turn 1) and deep strikes almost exctly where I want it on objective 3. My dreadknight makes it's 30" shunt to face off against the rhino facing it's side armour (despite what the picture shows)  my land raider moves 6 towards the center of the table to support my strike squads.

The dreadknight casts sanctuary and then opens up with it heavy psycannon wrecking the rhino and landing me first blood. With nothing else that can damage the rhino's in range in line of sight I end my turn bagging a victory point for holding point 3 and an additional victory point for achieving another tactical objective for wiping out an entire unit (the rhino)

The space wolves draw tactical objective cards getting secure objective 3 and 6 (and hold your ground, I choose a tactical objective and he has to hold it for two consecutive turns to score it, I choose 3)

The space wolves move their rhino's towards my strike squad and disembark with two units of grey hunters and the other unit of grey hunter move to surround my dreadknight (smartly avoiding the area saturation shell).

The only power the space wolves get off is Tempest's wrath on my strike squad

 After the shooting at my strike squad I'm left with two members and the other grey hunter squad shaves all but one of the wounds off my dreadknight (only the 4+ save from sanctuary saved him)

end of turn space wolves claim no objective.

VP's: Grey knights: 3 Space Wolves 0

Turn 2

I draw more cards and draw secure objective 1 (Unfortunately I forgot to do this until after I moved so wasn't in position to secure objective 1 and do anything else)

My second set of reserves turn up and don't scatter an land into a position harass the grey hunters. I move my land raider to secure objective 6 and deploy my Paladins with grand master.

The dreadknight casts sanctuary again the rest of my psychic phase fails.

I start by burning the hell out of some grey hunters he loses some to it, my storm bolters soften him up more. the grand master and the paladins also shoot this squad to no effect. My dreadknight makes 6 shots at the other grey hunter squad killing 4 then charges.

Overwatch does nothing, the grand master tries to charge the grey hunter squad they just shot at (need a 12" to be in but I decide to go ballsy) overwatch does nothing but it doesn't matter I'm not in. The dreadknight kills 3 grey hunters but is then fisted to death. the grey hunters consolidate.

I claim a tactical objective for his claim objective 3 and claim objective 6

The Space wolf stormwolf transport appears by outflank, he moves his rhino to claim objective one. his grey hunter squad moves to claim objective 3 and his other squad moves up to rapid fire my strike squad (I show it slightly wrong here) the last grey hunter squad starts to move towards the action

No psychic powers manifest.

His Stormwolf glances and penerates my land raider resulting in a Crew stunned which is downgraded to crew shaken (thank the emperor for extra armour). his grey hunter squad in the ruins finishes off the remainer of my strike squad and the other grey hunter  squad rapid fires my other strike squad leaving me with 6 models.

End of space wolf turn he claims my claim objective 1

VP's: Grey Knights: 5 Space Wolves 1

Turn 3

(I got what's going on with grey hunter squad wrong here but it'll be right after this turn. stick with me :-P, still learning the tech)

I draw secure objective 6

I turn the land raider on the spot to face the stormwolf transport and hold objective 6, my paladins move up to assault the rhino as I suspect they won't be in range to assault and of the grey hunter squads and I have an objective to destroy a unit in close combat.

The paladins cast hammerhand

the Land raider stars it's snap shots at the Stormwolf transport he declares a jink. I start with the multimelta and to my absolute amazement get a 6, reality swiftly re-asserts itself as I roll a 1 for armour penetration. to my further shock I then roll 3 6's with my assault cannons (no extra scored with the re-roll and get 2 penetrating hits, his jink reduces this to 1 penetrating hit and results in crew shaken.

My strike squad shoots his grey hunters, killing one and then charge.

 I kill two of his grey hunters in combat and he kills 4 of my grey knights in return. I make my break test and fail it but roll a 1 on my initiative, And they shall know no fear stops me from being wiped out and holds me in combat with two models remaining.  I charge his rhino and my grand master rips it to pieces before anyone else gets a chance to do anything scoring me an extra victory point

End of turn I score victory point for holding objective 6

The space wolf player draws capture objective 5

The space wolf player starts by moving his stormwolf transport to the side of my landraider and deploys his bloodclaws and general behind my paladins. The grey hunter squad 1 moves towards objective 5 (shown on next turn forgot to put it in here) and grey hunter squad 3 begins it's econd trn holding objective 3.

 No successful psychic powers

the stormwolf transport blows up my land raider taking a bloodclaw with it and using power of the machine spirit kills a paladin with it's helfrost cannon. The grand master takes a wound to grey hunter shooting.

The blood claws charge, overwatch does nothing. my grand master kills 3 before they strike and my paladins kill 2 more (who get to strike back) he kills two paladins in return with frost axes and my thunder hammer kills one more. he passes his break test and we pile in. His grey hunters kill the last two from my strike squad who take one down with them.

end of turn, Hold the line achieved

VP's Grey knights: 7 Space wolves: 2

Turn 4

No movement phase,

Psychic phase I manage to get hammer hand off but am denied force.

No shooting phase

He challenges my grand master. Not wanting him to be left out of the combat I accept but due to the Armour of Russ. My Paladins kill 2  but the return strikes kills off the remainder of my paladins and bleeds a wound over onto my grand master. He attacks in his challenge dealing 1 unsaved wound but is them promptly finished off.

I have no forces remaining the space wolves therefor get a crushing defeat and his undefeated record stands.

Thoroughly enjoyable game though and Has given me some thoughts as to what I might change.

Until then

Roleplay dwarf


  1. I may have to have a go at doing a proper battle report.

    I'm guessing it's just the dice were against you yet again... I can't really comment on the tactics in play because I don't really know much about the objectives and such in the current edition.

    1. It's good fun. We should have a fantasy or 40k game this weekend and BOTH battle report it see how differently we both perceived it.

      I don't think the dice were overly against me this time I think it was a mistake to pump that many points into paladins and drip feed my army to that much shooting. If someone can concentrate a full half of their firepower on one unit that unit is going to die. if I'd have forced him to spread his firepower my strike squads may have had more staying power.

      I think with the Grey Knights I have to start going by the old maxim "march divided, fight concentrated."