Thursday, 25 September 2014


One of my biggest loves is wargaming. Granted I only play Warhammer fantasy and Warhammer 40k at the moment, but if I had the disposable income and knew people who played other ones (I know, among the possibility of other things, that deadzone is an option in our group but refer back to the disposable income point) I would try and play other systems.

Anyway as such I have attached to the side of this blog a win/loss/draw counter for my current armies. Anyone who knows me will know this isn't a brag thing, as I have a loosing streak longer than [Insert name of sports team that's relevant in your region, who consider a draw a good result, here] I jut wanted to add it out of interest.

It's not that I'm a BAD general, it's just that........ Well my dice hate me! Anyone who has played against me can attest to that and as an example, for those who haven't played against me, in my last 3 games my Grey knights Land raider cruisdaer's multi-melta has hit once in the 13 times it has shot........ and rolled a double 1 for penetration......

Ok it's not just the dice. Part of it IS me but that's because when I make an army I try and make it as fluffy as possible (for those not familiar with the terminology not literally covered in fluff..... though some of my space marines are starting to look a bit dusty.... Fluffy means sticks to the story,). As such I was really excited when the new dwarf book came out and as I read it I was like "Wow you can take longbeards as core now without the one per warrior unit restriction." Do I take them? No, well not at least in the points I tend to play. To me longbeards are rarer and more elite than warriors so I should always have more warriors on the table than longbeards. "Wow hammerers are so awesome now. 2 attacks each str 7 on the charge stick a runesmith in there, make those attacks armour piercing AWESOME!!!!!" Do I take them? Nope, yet again not in the points I take. They're an elite bodyguard for a dwarf lord since, I'm doing a Karak Kadrin army I take slayers and Ungrim Ironfist (the king of their hold)  because it makes more sense to the lore. So it's not that I can't recognize what the best units in a book are, it's that I choose not to take them.

In some gaming circles (especially when playing in store) these factors have led to me getting a loosing streak (most recent fantasy game was against someone using an end times army and I had a bloodthirster in each flank of my warriors......... that did not end well for me). But I still play because I enjoy the challenge and the game.

So I have a game this weekend against someone from my local games worskhop who's challenge read thusly: "After reading the new space wolf book I have decided to retire from the hobby as I could never lose with this book and it would be unfair of me to dominate the game in such a fashion. 
Anyone that disagrees can throw the gauntlet down here." He's had a few games since laying down that challenge and it has so far proved not to be an idle boast so naturally for laughs I accepted.

So tune back in this Sunday for a recount of what happened and the result of that game (I foreshadow me having to mark a loss in the Grey Knights column)

Until then

The Roleplay Dwarf 

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